Carol Curtis Stilz


Poppy and her mom camped in a tent on their way to Montana. Maybe your family can plan an overnight camping trip. If you have camped out before, you know how much fun it can be. You also know that no two trips are ever alike. Maybe you and your family will hike this time or look for fossils or cool rocks or seashells.

  • If you can’t leave home for a camp out, enjoy one at home. I like to sleep on my deck by bringing an air mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow outside. My deck has a railing so I won’t fall off. Be sure yours does too.

  • If you have a fenced backyard, your parents may let you sleep outside, even if you don’t spend all night in your camp. Spending an afternoon in a tent or on a deck can be fun too. You can always pretend it is somewhere else, even in another galaxy. Or you can look for planets, stars, and the moon in our galaxy. During the day look for strange shaped clouds that look like birds, fish, dinosaurs, or other animals.

  • If you don’t have a deck or yard, build a tent indoors. Use cardboard boxes or folding chairs for a “tent” frame. Use a blanket for the tent cover.

  • No matter where you plan your camp out, bring a flashlight, blanket, and pillow. You’ll want a bottle of water and a snack, say apple slices? Like Poppy you may look at your photo album. You may choose to read a story. You may make shadow puppets with your hands that show up on the walls of your tent. You may invite a friend or stuffed animal like Gray Bear to share your camping adventure.

Enjoy your camp out! Draw a picture, take a photo, or write about it.