Carol Curtis Stilz


Poppy didn’t take pictures with a camera in my book, GRANDMA BUFFALO, MAY AND ME. She probably drew pictures like my grandkids do. However, she liked looking at photographs, especially those of relatives she called “the greats”—great-grandparents, great-aunts and great-uncles.

I remember making a box or pinhole camera when I was young. Today, the Internet offers many websites, some more appropriate for kids than others. Rather than duplicate these instructions, I suggest you visit one of the websites I recommend, with a grown-ups permission, of course. Remember, do not click on any ads on websites. Do not sign up for email. Just read the instructions.

  • To see how a camera works check out Highlights Kids HERE. You can’t take photos with this camera, but you can see how it works.
  • Another site I like shows how to make a camera from a coffee can and take pictures. The website has ads, but you can ignore them. The directions for the process are easy to follow. This site is HERE
  • Of course, wikihow also offers instructionsHERE

I hope you liked learning how a camera works and building your own with the help of a grown-up.