Carol Curtis Stilz


Poppy borrowed her grandma’s photo book. She had the old fashioned kind made of leather, cardboard, and heavy paper that held photographs made with a camera. You and your family may keep photos on smartphones, tablets, and computers like I do.

To make a photo album with paper, here is what you will need.

  • photographs from a computer, paper photos, or drawing supplies
  • scissors
  • a round or oval stencil (a drinking glass works)
  • a hole punch
  • construction paper
  • cardboard
  • computer paper, or brown paper bags
  • a pencil for tracing
  • ruler
  • twine or string or ribbon
  • glue stick. If you want your book to last a long time, use acid free glue and paper.

To make the pages for your photo album, follow these directions.

  • Have a grown-up help you copy photos you like on computer paper. You can put more than one photo on a sheet of paper. Black and white copies of photos are fine and look more old-fashioned.
  • When the photos are copied, cut around each photo, and glue them on the pages for your book
  • If you don’t have photos or a copier, you can draw pictures of people and pets for your photo album. If you draw more than one picture on a sheet of paper cut around each picture. Or, you can use the whole page for a picture. Your choice!
  • Glue your photos on pieces of paper that are the same size or slightly smaller than your covers. Draw pictures if you are not using photos. You may want to add another page or two that are blank so you can add to your book. I like to write the names of the people and pets beneath each photo or drawing.
  • If you use brown paper bags, which can look really old and cool, you will need to decide the size of your book. Cut the paper so it is all the same size. You may want to trace around a sheet of paper so all the pages are the same. Cover any printing on bags with pictures or photos.

To make the covers for your photo album, follow these directions.

  • Make the front and back covers from construction paper or cardboard. Decorate with photos, drawings, or any art materials.
  • If you want to frame a picture on your cover, trace a round or oval shape on another sheet of paper. Cut out the shape so you have a hole in the paper. Then place the picture/photo behind the paper so the picture shows through the hole. Carefully, dab a bit of glue on the uncut paper/cardboard just where you want the picture. Place the picture on the glue. Dab glue on the edges of the paper and place the paper so it frames the picture. Press it on the cover.